Week 23 of 2019 (6/3 – 6/9)


JCVD Week!

6/3Death Warrant1990
6/5In Hell2003
6/6Wake of Death2004
6/7Second in Command2006
6/8Black Water2018

This was an interesting week to be watching these movies. I had a couple of days where I had to really figure out where to fit these films into my schedule, including on Saturday when I was at an all-day event. I ended up watching Black Water at 5:30am before starting my day!

Anyway, I was glad to see these movies, although some of them I totally get why I skipped them the first time. I can recommend what I think are several really good Van Damme projects that I’ve already seen but are worth it if you haven’t:

  • Bloodsport – 1988 (his breakout starring role)
  • Hard Target – 1993 (John Woo’s first English-language/Hollywood film, cheesy and violent)
  • Timecop – 1994 (ummm, because it’s awesome… duh!)
  • Street Fighter: The Movie – 1994 (more for the silliness as well as a great penultimate performance by the late Raul Julia, who passed away before the movie’s release)
  • The Quest – 1996 (Van Damme’s directorial debut. I mean, it’s basically Bloodsport with a different framing story, but I liked it)
  • Legionnaire – 1998 (quite a different story from the usual Van Damme fare at the time)
  • Welcome to the Jungle – 2013 (Van Damme has just a supporting a role in this, but he and everyone else are really f**king funny in it)
  • Jean-Claude Van Johnson – 2016 (TV series this time on Amazon Prime Video. He again plays a version of himself, this time where his being a movie star is cover for his real career – international superspy. Very silly and tragically short-lived.)