This Year is CHAOS!!


Where the heck did two-thirds of 2020 go?!

I’ll admit, I could’ve probably been more aggressive about posting here. After all, I’m at home… all the time! At the same time, I’ve been keeping busy with a lot of projects, not the least of which is my work as at spearheading the efforts of the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company in expanding to video production. Not all the time, but making sure our live shows get recorded and released publicly to expand their fan base beyond the Southeastern US.

To that end, we’ve got our own YouTube channel now! Launched late last year (while I was in the home stretch of the 2019 Movie Challenge), the pandemic has forced things to accelerate as we’ve been creating virtual performances for conventions all over the world. It’s been quite a challenge, since we’re all recording in our own homes with different equipment and quality, to edit everything together into a cohesive performance. I think we’ve done okay so far. Go check it out and like/subscribe!

Here’s a recent example of our work, featuring ARTC’s daily audio podcast “Mercury: A Broadcast of Hope” (go subscribe to that, too!):

We also have more content releasing between now and the end of the year, so here’s what you can do: