RELEASED: “Attention” & “Overboard” by Bill Bernico

Short Stories by Bill Bernico

In between some of the giant audiobook projects I’ve been doing of late (one of those is being released very soon), I’ve been looking for shorter works that I can produce. Author Bill Bernico was kind enough to oblige by offering these two short stories for my voice.

Both are what I would consider somewhat cautionary tales and feature women who make what seem like good choices that lead to bad endings. (I’ll let you be the judge on any authorial intent here.) “Attention” features a woman whose treament at the office leads her to make a choice to… shall I say, “enhance” her standing among her co-workers. “Overboard” tells the tale of a woman who, being a romantic and seeking her true love, takes a chance and tosses a bottled message into the water for her dream guy to find.

Here are the links to purchase these shorties:

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