RELEASED: Labor’s Story in the United States

Labor's Story in the United States

My streak continues and my next audiobook is now out in the world and available for sale!

“Labor’s Story in the United States” is a terrific survey of the history of labor by Philip Yale Nicholson… both the idea of labor as well as unions and worker organizations and the constant struggle to find a balance with business and government.

You can get your copy of the audiobook on AmazonAudible and iTunes. And hey, why not also check out the other works I’ve done for Audible?

Aaaaand we’re waiting…


I’m sitting backstage at the Eclectic Company Theater waiting for the show I’m currently doing to finish for the evening. I haven’t had to wait this long since I played Lane in that production of The Importance of Being Earnest back in 2006. Don’t get me wrong, waiting is not a bad thing. Because I’m not on stage again until the curtain call, I have time to get things done… such as writing this or sending out emails related to a rehearsal I’m directing tomorrow. Continue reading