RELEASED: Ghost Light

Ghost Light

The beat rolls on… and so do my audiobook releases!

Michael Chemers’ “Ghost Light” is a terrific introduction to the practice of dramaturgy, including explaining what they do!

No, seriously… the first chapter is literally titled “What the #$%@ Is a Dramaturg?”

Here’s a partial explanation

…Dramaturgs are the scientists of the theater world – their primary responsibility is to query the creative possibilities in every step of the production process, from play selection to costume design, and then research the various options and find ways to transform that knowledge into useful ideas. To say that dramaturgs are well-rounded is an understatement: Those who choose this profession must possess an acute aesthetic sensibility in combination with an extensive knowledge of theater history and practice, world history, and critical theory, and they must be able to collaborate with every member of the creative team and theater administration.

Actors, directors, writers and creatives of all stripes can take something away from this book. And if you’ve ever thought about the “why” of a production you’ve been involved with, this book can help you figure out how best to consider the answer to that. So check it out!

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