RELEASED: American Drama in the Age of Film

American Drama in the Age of Film

I probably should have posted this last week when it happened, but my first commercial audiobook is now available for sale!

The book I narrated is “American Drama in the Age of Film” by Zander Brietzke, currently a professor at Columbia University in New York. It’s a comparative study of great American Plays of the 20th century and their film & TV adaptations. Coming from an long performance background, I found the book engaging in ways I didn’t expect and he has certainly added to my list of films to check out, since I didn’t even know of some of them. I certainly hope my description here — and my narration of the text — do his work justice.

You can pick up a copy of the audiobook on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. And hey, why not also check out the other works I’ve done for Audible?