Happy New Year(s)!!


Hi, all!

I know I haven’t posted much on this page over the years, but it’s my plan to change that this year!

I decided to challenge myself to watch at least one new (to me) movie every day in 2019. I already know there are some points where it will be challenging due to upcoming projects, etc., but I’m ready to figure out how to make it happen! I’ll be posting updates at the end of each day with the movie I saw on my Facebook fan page and Twitter for now, but I’ll be posting a weekly summary of the movies I’ve seen here on the blog (probably on Sunday evenings) with select longer commentary either about one of the movies that week or any connecting themes.

In addition, Sundays will become a weekly update day on the blog before too long (figuring out what form that will take), mainly in an effort to force myself to be more productive. I’ll also post more active announcements for my upcoming work with the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, any new audiobook projects and a few extra things on the horizons that I won’t talk about yet (because I haven’t scheduled them)!

I’m excited and I hope that 2019 will be a big year for all of us! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!