Week 25 of 2019 (6/17 – 6/23)

It’s Hollywood Week for the Movie Challenge!
6/17How to Make It in Hollywood2017
6/18The Hollywood Complex2011
6/19Strictly Background2007
6/20Actors of Sound2016
6/21Game Changers2018
6/22Life After Flash2017
6/23Chaos on the Bridge
Doomed!: The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s
“The Fantastic Four”

So this was an interesting week of films to watch. It started out tough for me, as it stirred up some internal stuff, but as the week went on I started feeling more upbeat with the movies I chose. They definitely helped to start breaking me out of a bit of a funk I’ve been in for quite some time. I thin a lot of it for me was just a rut that I fell into. I had hoped that this challenge, along with some cost-cutting measures, would break me of out if, but no joy so far.

But this weekend was interesting. I had a long power outage last night, followed by a long local Internet outage today. The former made me feel just miserable, behind I had no way to cool off enough to go to sleep until very early in the morning. But the latter provoked a surprisingly productive day. If nothing else, it reminded me that the Internet is an incredibly powerful distraction, especially for someone like me with major FOMO and a really bad perfectionist streak when it comes to consuming TV and film. If I start watching a show, I am often compelled to binge watch the whole damn thing, even to the detriment of other essential tasks that need to get done. Yes, there are apps and programs and the like to block off access to the Internet for periods of time, but that never helps me because I can usually circumvent them pretty quickly to get back to the sweet, sweet oblivion of TV…

Right! Yes… as I was saying, I’m going to start revving back up into the more productive ways I used to have just a few years ago. As long as I can make enough money to pay the bills and have a little left over to build the future, that’s just keen. Beyond that, who knows? Maybe something good will come out of all this.