Week 21 of 2019 (5/20 – 5/26)


Keanu Reeves Week!

5/20Brotherhood of Justice1986
5/21The Night Before1988
5/22The Last Time I Committed Suicide1997
5/23The Gift2000
5/24Henry’s Crime2010
5/25Generation Um…2012

This was an interesting week, exploring a lot more of the filmography of Keanu Reeves, a number of which I was not even aware of. I will say this — of the ones I saw this week, I highly recommend both The Night Before and Henry’s Crime. Wonderfully done comedies that really resonated with me.

I know I haven’t posted a lot with the other weekly summaries, but some weeks, we just don’t have much to say and no time in which to not say it. (Yes, I’m sticking with that grammar.)

Anyway, I’m slowly steam cooking in the Atlanta heat and humidity like a helping of boil-in-the-bag veggies. In between sauna sessions, I went with my brother to the Carter Presidential Library and Museum, which is a conveniently a short drive from my apartment. The location is almost idyllic in the center of a major city. Walking through the gardens to the museum is incredibly quiet and calming. The exhibits in the museum are pretty much what you’d expect — lionizing the subject (probably rightly so in this case) and well laid out as a path through his life and works. There was also a temporary exhibit about the film industry in Georgia. (The GA Film Commission was started by Carter in the 70s when he was governor.) I really kind of want to check out the library side of things more than the museum, but maybe that’ll be a future visit. In any case, check number 1 of 13 (eventually 14) presidential libraries off my bucket list!