When the World Was New…


Often, we think we know what we’re doing. So much so that we don’t bother waiting for instructions before trying to do something to fix a mistake you had made earlier.

Which then leads to massive failure.

Aside from being a decent actor & human being, I’ve told and believe that I’m a fairly intelligent person. “Surely,” I said to myself, “fixing my WordPress site should be super easy by uninstalling the application and reinstalling.” Turns out, it wasn’t so simple and suddenly, all my work… entries stretching back almost 8 years… was gone, locked away in an arcane prison of SQL orcishness that I have yet to break into.

So it’s time to start fresh. And here I am, with a spanking new look more in line with what I’m trying to do. There will be more changes, along with some of those old entries that I successfully extract and put back into the world someday, because they should be out there as well.

I appreciate your patience, because… there will be awesomeness.