Week 31 of 2019 (7/29 – 8/4)

7/2920,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Hallmark)1997
7/30Omoo-Omoo the Shark God1949
7/31The Squeeze1987
8/1Central Intelligence2016
8/2The Wraith1986
8/3Stone of Destiny2008
8/4The Philadelphia Experiment2012

This was an interesting week, to be sure. I think I’m hitting that point in this challenge where it’s becoming a bit of a chore every day to find a movie and especially to set aside time to watch. I talked about this a little on my podcast yesterday, too. I think it’s not dissimilar to what marathon runners experience when they’re far into the run and kind of hit a wall. I’d like to think I will get past it and finish the year strong… but we’ll see.

This past week also marked an interesting anniversary for me. Ten years ago this past Tuesday, I arrived in L.A. to push forward on my acting career. I was I could say that everything went my way and I’m on the road to massive success… but I can’t. I mean, it could still be true, but it seriously is a road of hardship, pain and sometimes unchecked depression. But I’ve also had a few fun times along the way as well, and that’s life, isn’t it?

Week 29 of 2019 (7/15 – 7/21)



7/15Batman and Harley Quinn2017
7/16Heroes Manufactured2016
7/17Comic Book Kingdom2018
7/18Future Shock!: The Story of 2000AD2014
7/19Backyard Blockbusters2012
7/20Cosplay Culture2017

This was an interesting week! Granted, I’d rather have been in San Diego for the con itself (someday!!), it was cool to learn some new things that aren’t all related to mass media itself. San Diego Comic-Con has been around for 50 years, and the giant media event it is now often overshadows the comics and their artists that got it started.

Anyway, I also wanted to share a couple of other shows that are similar to “Supercon”. I didn’t pick them for the Challenge because a) they’re not movies, and b) I’ve seen them. But they are terrific and a great laugh at the behind-the-scenes happenings at conventions. So be sure to check out:

  • Con Man (available for sale on a number of the major VOD platforms)
  • Kings of Con (available to watch over on the CW Seed website or app) and for sale on the same VOD platforms as Con Man

Week 27 of 2019 (7/1 – 7/7)


America Week!!

7/2Navy Seals1990
7/3The Alamo1960
The 4th
7/5Day Zero2007
7/6Green Dragon2001
7/7Brothers on the Line2012

This was an interesting week for sure. Most of the films I picked this week are either less known are not singled out for being super-patriotic. But to me, they collectively represent different parts of the American story. I mean come on, I even included a… musical.

I also had one film that stood out, if for no other reason than the response I got to picking it. And mainly because of this:

I may have been a little excited by this…

My natural reaction…

You know, there are days where it just feels like I’m posting this stuff just to do something… and, by and large, I obviously am. I’ve not been making money on this project. I’m just seeing if I can do a thing. So it’s nice when people like a thing you’re doing… especially when that thing happens to be liking the thing that they did!