Week 13 of 2019 (3/25 – 3/31)

Amelia 2.0
3/27Atlantic Rim: Resurrection2018
3/28Moontrap: Target Earth2017
3/29In The Loop2009
3/31Harry Brown2009

So, with this week finished (today, specifically), we’re officially a quarter of the way through this year-long challenge! I have to say it has gone by very quickly, as most of the days do of late.

So what have I learned so far in undertaking this challenge? Well, I’d say the following has held true:

  • I watch much less TV as a whole, which I had to do in order to make time for a full film every day. But it is a good habit in general as I was watching waaay too much TV every day.
  • Some days, prior planning is crucial to make sure I block out time to watch something. There have been a couple of days where I didn’t watch a film while at my day job (thanks to them for allowing me the privilege to do so!) and had a bunch of other activities running late into the evening. I ended up staying up late to watch something (usually a shorter documentary) so that I could post every day.
  • Some Sundays, when updating this blog, I just don’t have a damn thing to say about the week. And I give myself permission to just post the list for the week and move on.
  • This movie challenge has not kept me from doing other things. I’ve made sure that other commitments take priority. Thankfully, being able to watch stuff at work on my iPad has made it easier. that also gives me the benefit of limiting my choices of what to watch that day, so I don’t try to skip something that looks terrible (see Wed & Thurs in the list above).
  • This is really far more of a low-impact challenge than I expected. Not that it’s not challenging in terms of time management, because I committed to doing this every single day.
  • I’m definitely older than I feel. I keep forgetting that some of these movies I’ve seen came out in my teens… THIRTY F**KING YEARS AGO.

Anyway, we shall plug on with this challenge. You never know exactly what changes will come down the line. Right now, I anticipate the biggest challenge ahead will be Labor Day weekend, when DragonCon lands on this city. Since I had a ball last year all 5 days, I plan to do it again. I’ll just have to be extra meticulous in planning… and maybe take in part of the film festival or partake of the 24-hour video room while enjoying that weekend…

Week 10 of 2019 (3/4 – 3/10)

3/4Shattered Glass2003
3/5The Russian Revolution2017
3/6My Name is Jerry2009
3/7The American2010
3/8Kickboxer: Vengeance2016
3/9Thunderbolt and Lightfoot1974
3/10Captain Marvel2019

While I’ve been considering things for a while in terms of improving my health, like many folks I still hadn’t really taken the dive in terms of focusing on actually doing something. But I was prompted a bit by this YouTube video posted this past week by my VO coach where he got kind of vulnerable about some of his own past & present health challenges. It was surprising to hear from him, as he’s usually a rather private individual when it comes to his personal life, but also rather inspiring to me personally. I’m glad he said what he did and I hope other people were motivated like I was as a result.

So I started with a workout regimen the other day, courtesy of Darebee, a great site that offers up easy-to-follow workouts for all fitness levels. I’m using the Foundation Light workout for 30 days, then I’ll see what I want to do from there. The first couple of days weren’t too horrible, although the Day 1 cardio kind of kicked my butt.

Next step is improving my food intake. I’ve been a vegetarian (by choice) for almost 6 years, but it really hasn’t improved my health much. To be fair, though, I’ve been making some not-great choices in terms of what I eat. It’s entirely possible to be a vegetarian or even a vegan and still eat like crap.

Before I forget, the best movie I saw this week was probably My Name is Jerry. Yes, Captain Marvel was really awesome, but I didn’t count it as I knew it would already be at that level and it’s brand-new.

Week 9 of 2019 (2/25 – 3/3)

2/25Elvis & Nixon2016
2/26The Master2012
2/27The Incredibles 22018
2/28Lady Bird2017
3/1It Happened in L.A.2017
3/2Their Finest2016

A lot of the movies I watched this week didn’t really land for me as much as previous weeks, but I feel like my pick of the week is Incredibles 2. It worked enough for me this week even despite the retread nature of the plot.

This week was okay for the most, but stressful for a variety of reasons… mainly financial, given the shortened month in addition to rising costs of living. I haven’t been as diligent about my budget as I should be and I need to work on that as well as getting back into a more productive mode.

I’ve noticed now, being 60 days into this movie challenge, that there have been some days where I almost didn’t watch something. Not that I forgot, but I just had the urge to do something else. But I am committed to this challenge, so I’m happy to keep going with it.

Week 8 of 2019 (2/18 – 2/24)

2/18Robot & Frank2012
2/21The Theory of Everything2014
2/23Professor Marston and the Wonder Women2017

This was a very overcast and rainy week in Atlanta. Oddly enough, it didn’t rain heavy, but it was constant… like I’ve heard it gets in Portland and Seattle. It is definitely something I didn’t expect when moving from the desert, so I guess that’s on me.

We had another great performance of our Library Show series for ARTC. A smaller audience this time, but that’s okay because it’s a lot less intimidating to sing for a dozen or so people than for a large crowd. We’ll have one more performance next month for now, because we’ll be leaping into our heavy convention performance season, including shows at 221B Con in April, LibertyCon in June and DragonCon over Labor Day weekend! Plus working on additional projects in studio and some other things that aren’t firm yet, I’m really excited to be a part of it all.

For the movies this week, it was definitely an interesting mix of films. Not as eclectic as it could be, but still a good mix for this dreary weather. The best one for me by far was Kodachrome. It was a little formulaic, but the performances really sold it. If you have Netflix, I highly encourage you to check it out.

Week 7 of 2019 (2/11 – 2/17)

2/11What If2013
2/13Happy Anniversary2018
2/14Dependent’s Day2016
2/15George Marshall and the American Century1994
2/16Cars 32017
2/17Marathon Man1976

This week was a bit rough, although not with the movie watching, of course. I finished up my week of romantic comedies on Valentine’s Day, just in time to get hit with a head cold. That didn’t make for a great weekend, but that’s how it goes. I also finished binge-rewatching “Parks and Recreation” for the millionth time, which I love because it’s so positive and uplifting. I find it a great remedy when Depression decides like usual to be a filthy lying liar who tells lies.

Anyway, out of the movies I watched this week, I was surprised by how much I liked Marathon Man. I’m not a huge Dustin Hoffman fan, and I think I kept confusing this with The Boys From Brazil for a number of years, keeping me from watching it (because Olivier’s in both), but it was a well-constructed spy thriller with a satisfying ending.

This coming week, we’re continuing ARTC rehearsals for our upcoming Library Show this Saturday (2/23), where I will… *gulp* … SING in front of a crowd. By myself, mostly. No joke. The piece I directed for the show will be missing our lead due to scheduling conflicts, so I’m taking over the part this time out! Here’s hoping my cold clears up in time and that I perform well.