Week 7 of 2019 (2/11 – 2/17)

2/11What If2013
2/13Happy Anniversary2018
2/14Dependent’s Day2016
2/15George Marshall and the American Century1994
2/16Cars 32017
2/17Marathon Man1976

This week was a bit rough, although not with the movie watching, of course. I finished up my week of romantic comedies on Valentine’s Day, just in time to get hit with a head cold. That didn’t make for a great weekend, but that’s how it goes. I also finished binge-rewatching “Parks and Recreation” for the millionth time, which I love because it’s so positive and uplifting. I find it a great remedy when Depression decides like usual to be a filthy lying liar who tells lies.

Anyway, out of the movies I watched this week, I was surprised by how much I liked Marathon Man. I’m not a huge Dustin Hoffman fan, and I think I kept confusing this with The Boys From Brazil for a number of years, keeping me from watching it (because Olivier’s in both), but it was a well-constructed spy thriller with a satisfying ending.

This coming week, we’re continuing ARTC rehearsals for our upcoming Library Show this Saturday (2/23), where I will… *gulp* … SING in front of a crowd. By myself, mostly. No joke. The piece I directed for the show will be missing our lead due to scheduling conflicts, so I’m taking over the part this time out! Here’s hoping my cold clears up in time and that I perform well.

Week 6 of 2019 (2/4 – 2/10)

2/4Planet 512009
2/5Without A Clue1988
2/6Lost Heroes2014
2/7Paper Man2009
2/8Sleeping with Other People2015
2/9The Sweet Life2016

So I don’t have a lot of exciting news for this week. Things are in a bit of a lull because I’m between performances for ARTC. I did go out today to look at our next performance venue so that we can get set up correctly on the day, as well as meeting with some colleagues to discuss some of the company’s education initiatives for the coming year. Good times!

I shifted a little bit with the films this week, since things are leading up to Valentine’s Day very soon, so I made a theme week of just watching romantic comedies, part of which is listed above. The rest will be in next week’s post. It’s a tough call this week as to which movie was best. All the movies were pretty good in their own ways. I think I have to give the prize to Sleeping With Other People, because the entire movie made me laugh just a little harder than the rest. Lost Heroes was interesting as a documentary, for sure, but I think that it was not aimed at a general audience outside of Canada. Nothing wrong with that, just what it is…

Next week, we’ll be wrapping up our romantic comedy run and get back to regular new movies every day!

Week 5 of 2019 (1/28 – 2/3)


Hooray! I made it through the first month of this year-long challenge! Here are this week’s listings (w/ links to their respective posts on my Facebook fan page):

1/29The Man Who Knew Infinity2015
1/30Big Top Pee-wee
Pee-wee’s Big Holiday
1/31The Congressman2016
2/1Kung Fu Yoga2017
2/3Body of Lies2008

I felt like it flew by with almost no problem meeting the challenge of watching something new every day. There have been points where I wasn’t sure if I had seen the movie already or not, because I either had seen bits of it or heard so many quotes from it that it was just in my brain on some level. I’ll touch on that more in a moment.

The best movie of this past week was, by far, Polar on Netflix. Mads Mikkelsen is amazing in the movie, Doctor Who alum Matt Lucas was hilarious as the main villain and the reveal at the end was just spectacular. Fair warning: It’s probably NSFW as there is a small bit of nudity, but mostly a lot of violence and swearing in the film.

This first month overall was interesting. I definitely a good cross section of genres in my selections. I’ve thought about being more strategic in my movie watching plans. So far, I’ve basically just picked something from the sizable queues I have stored up on the various streaming services, something that I had a yen to see or that I was just in the mood for. Once or twice, I ended up picking a different movie than the one I planned because my first choice couldn’t be watched offline. I suspect, that as the year goes, I may just need to plow through my queues more in order. I’ve been good about only stockpiling stuff that I’m sure I haven’t seen, but there are a few things I like to save to rewatch at some point for (additional) fun.

In terms of what I’ve watched so far, the best thing I saw was Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story, followed closely behind by Polar. It really was a very powerful documentary and I find I’m still thinking about it even three weeks later.

One of the main things that stood out for me this month was how many of these movies were released within the last 10 years (24 of out of 31 were released after 2000). I look at some of the older movies and recall seeing them in the movie theaters. As discussed yesterday on my podcast, it really makes me feel old. Big Top Pee-wee turned 30 in 2018, Hang ‘Em High turned 50, and Algiers is 80 years old! Motion pictures themselves as a commercial enterprise are a little over 120 years old in total, so to know that there’s pretty much no one left alive on Earth from a time before movies existed is mind-blowing.

Then again, provided the human race doesn’t implode in the next 10 years, at some point there will be no one alive on the planet who remembers a time before television or the Internet. Author (and mostly all-around good egg) John Scalzi wrote about this a few years ago on his blog as it pertains to his own writing. It’s worth a read and worth thinking about our places in the grand scheme of things.

Week 4 of 2019 (1/21 – 1/27)


Here’s this week’s selection of films (w/ links to their respective posts on my Facebook fan page):

1/21War Machine2017
1/22Stark Raving Mad2002
1/24A Serious Man2009
1/25Lazer Team 22017

I’d have to say that the best movie of this set this week was Downsizing, although Beirut was a close second. I think I get more of the emotional feel from it combined with laughs, although I also laughed at Lazer Team 2. But it was pretty much a good set overall this week, regardless.

We had a great performance at the Suwanee library yesterday! While I winced (always have, always will) at some of the mistakes we made, we had a full house and got the first show out of the way. I’m proud of how things turned out overall. And it should be an interesting challenge with the next show at a different branch. I was a little nervous about it mainly because I think I’ve been fighting off a potential illness this past week as well (it’s been cold), but I think I’m good for now. It’s supposed to snow/rain this coming week and it sounds like the city is going to shut down for safety in advance of the coming precipitation in various forms… ice is apparently a huge problem at this time of year. I guess we’ll see.

Now that the library shows for ARTC are underway, I can refocus to get some editing projects done that I have on my plate, as well as start auditioning for more VO work again. Yay!

Week 3 of 2019 (1/14 – 1/20)


Managed my first double feature this week and was able to get in some D&D again (the first since before Christmas)! More after the listing of this week’s movies (w/ links to their respective posts on my Facebook fan page).

1/14Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Crocodile Dundee
1/15Sophie and the Rising Sun2016
1/16The Russia House1990
1/17Me and Orson Welles2009
1/19Free Fire2017

It was a bit of a struggle to pick the best movie I saw this week, because two or three of them were better than all the rest (esp. Sorceress… whew, what a stinker!). But I think that Sophie and the Rising Sun just edged out I.Q. and Free Fire in this runoff to take the win. Free Fire is a great silly shoot-’em-up movie and I.Q. was a great rom-com, but Sophie just moved me emotionally and furthered my understanding of the period it was set in.

In the meantime, we rehearsed more for the upcoming FREE public library show we’re doing THIS COMING SATURDAY (1/26)! I’m still scrambling to finish up my sound design for one of the scripts and it’s a constant fight with my perfectionism to not spend hours on end on just one sound effect. I also have to write an short educational intro speech for the script I directed (a musical!), but I admittedly will probably dash that off in 5 minutes before the dress rehearsal on Tuesday. :p

Fortunately, earlier today, I was able to take a few hours and go play some Dungeons & Dragons at an event put on by Atlanta Drunks & Dragons. I’ve been attending some of their weekly one-shot sessions, but they ended up having to move the location for the one free weeknight I had to a harder-to-reach spot, so I haven’t been able to play for a few weeks. I may start looking for a group either locally or online that I can play with more regularly. I’ve enjoyed getting back into RPGs for the first time since my time in Flagstaff in the late ’90s. (Still have my dice bag though!) I’ve also been feeling both driven to — and terrified of — possibly starting to DM for other people. A lot of this was inspired by the web show Critical Role, which I started watching at the beginning of 2018. I think the fact that it’s played by a group of fellow voice actors (albeit more well-known than I by far) really helped. It’s also pushed me to start working on more character voices in my rehearsals with ARTC, as well as recommit myself to pushing into animation voice work in my acting career.

One final note to wrap this up: my friend Bryan McClure is in a new feature film being released on VOD this week! I got to attend the premiere last summer at the Atlanta Film Festival, but now is your chance to see Still*, shot here in Georgia and directed by Takashi Doscher. (The link to the film doesn’t list it, but it’s also available on iTunes.) This is a terrific film with Agents of SHIELD alum Nick Blood and The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Madeline Brewer. Check it out!

Week 2 of 2019 (1/7 – 1/13)


Now that things are back into full swing in my life, I’m making more strides in planning out my movie watching. Since I’ve largely limited myself (for now) to films that area available through the major streaming services, it can make it interesting. More after the list of films for this week (w/ links to their respective posts on my Facebook fan page).

1/7Brave New Jersey2016
1/8Camera Store2016
1/9Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story2017
1/11Lazer Team2015
1/12Hang ‘Em High1968

Definitely the winner for this week was “Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story“. I’m still obsessing over this documentary even days later! It was a fascinating look at a classic Hollywood beauty who had far more going on than most people bothered to see. I’ll recommend that one again! I knew of her and I knew a little of her non-acting accomplishments, but it was fascinating to get the whole story. To be fair, all the other films from this week moved me in some fashion, too (expect maybe “Hang ‘Em High”). But this documentary was definitely the best.

I will say that I just managed to squeeze in “Aquaman” today (barely!), after driving out to view the venue that I’ll be performing in in a couple of weeks for the first of three public library performances for the Atlanta Radio Theater Company. We’ve been working towards these performances since November, preparing a bunch of short scripts with a small cast that will also watch be directing individual scripts, sound designing others and doing live foley effects for still others. There have been some hurdles in our preparation (as usually happens when you’re volunteering for unpaid theatre work), but I imagine the end result will be just fine. If you happen to find yourself in the Atlanta metro area on January 26 and are looking for something to do, this is a great FREE show to come check out!

Week 1 of 2019 (1/1 – 1/6)


So far, the 2019 Movie Challenge has started off strong! Here are the films I have watched so far (w/ links to the specific posts on my Facebook fan page):

1/1Actor For Hire2015
1/2Power Rangers2017
1/3Despicable Me 32015
1/4Killing Gunther2017
1/5Castles in the Sky2014
1/6Destination Wedding2018

Not a bad start! I was fortunate in that I had a number of extra days off here at the end of last year. I didn’t have to return to my day job until January 3rd, so I had plenty of time to start mapping out how I’m going to watch all these movies. As I said in my New Year’s Day post, I suspect there will be some days where it will more difficult to watch something new every day. Thankfully, I have time while working on my day job (not to mention a lenient boss in that aspect!) to fit in a movie every day. On the plus side, it will also force me to cut back on a lot of TV watching to make room for this challenge. That’s a good thing… as much as I love the shows I watch, it’s a huge time investment every week when I should be focused on other things!

Anyway, out of the movies I watched this week, I thought that “Destination Wedding” (which I just watched today) was the best of them. The deadpan comedy aspect of it, as well as starring two longtime friends who have great onscreen chemistry, made a surprisingly fun film. There are certainly aspects that I enjoyed in the other movies, but this one was definitely the most solid overall.